Texas Ag Plus carries a large selection of tools, equipment and supplies for your vineyard or orchard. Our selection includes training stakes and grow tubes, trellis wire and gripples, Felco pruning shears as well as harvest bins. We also have a supply of bird netting products and Orchard Rite Wind Machines to protect from late spring freezes!



In today’s vineyards, the wires, posts and machinery used are constantly being improved, and Gripple prides itself on being part of that evolution. The Gripple Plus product range, along with the Torq Tensioning Tool and Contractor Tool not only provide a trellising system that can be tensioned in seconds, but one that will last for decades.

The Gripple Plus Range provides a strong, fast and economical way to install and maintain a solid trellis structure. The range includes the GP Small, GP Medium and GP Large, which are designed to accommodate the wire diameters/gauges most commonly used in vineyard applications.  The Torq Tensioning Tool and Contractor Tool are specifically designed to apply tension to your wires through a Gripple product. In addition to the core range of Gripple Plus products, we also provide bracing kits and Badger Earth Anchors. By using our fast, efficient and re-tensionable products, installation labor is minimized and annual maintenance is negligible.

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ameritrellis double diamond


Ameritrellis products are proudly engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A. since 1981. Our profiles are manufactured out of High Strength Steel that are metalurgically matched to the specific applications. We offer products in standard AISI gauges (thicknesses) and we deliver what you purchase. Our products are engineered to perform well under the rigorous demands of mechanical harvesting. We are proud of the quality and identify all of our products with logo, product name, part number and gauge for easy of use.

The most common post used in the vineyard is the Double Diamond Post. It comes in #12, #13 and #14 gauge and is available uncoated and galvanized.

Ameritrellis Vineyard Post Brownfield Texas



Orchard-Rite® wind machines bring Pure Peace of Mind. We stand behind you with wind machines that are built to stand the test of time. We’re proud to say that many of the original Orchard-Rite® wind machines are still in operation more than three decades after they were installed.

Orchard-Rite manufactures a variety of models, including stationary, portable and lay-down, and offers options to customize your equipment to provide the best possible protection. Your local dealer will work with you to determine the horsepower, model and options that best meet your needs and the location that will maximize your machine’s performance.

Wind machines are not just a grower’s best friend – they are also the most environmentally friendly means of frost protection. Whether they are powered by diesel, propane or natural gas, all engines are certified to meet current EPA emissions standards.

Dependable, efficient, safe and eco friendly, Orchard-Rite® wind machines are Pure Peace of Mind.

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Bird-pecked grapes and berries can harbor bacterial and fungal pathogens that alter the flavor of wine or juice. To help growers save their crops from hungry birds, we offer the Bare Hand Vineyard & Crop Bird Netting. Bird exclusion netting is the most effective method of protection from birds for row crop farming.

Bare Hand Bird Netting;

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted yarns
  • CIBA Specialty Chemicals used for UV stabilization
  • Rip-stop construction makes for strong netting
  • Natural green color blends in with vines and other plants
  • Two types; FLEX Netting and EASY-FIT Netting
  • Each type is available in Premium and Super Premium grades
  • Premium netting can last 3 or more growing seasons
  • Super Premium nets can last 6 or more growing seasons
  • Non-abrasive knitted mesh is easy on grapes, berries, etc
  • More flexible and easier to handle than extruded plastic nets
  • Applied from bags – no rolls, spools or cores




FELCO offers a vast choice of tools for professionals dedicated to the nature of the job, whatever their field of activity. Whether their work involves pruning work or fructification pruning, pruning and regeneration of trees and shrubs, there is a FELCO for every wine producer, landscape gardener and fruit grower. Hoof clippers are popular amongst caprine and ovine rearers. The “Green” range features one-hand pruning shears, two-hand pruning shears, pull-stroke pruning saws, picking and trimming snips, grafting and pruning knives and is designed for both demanding professionals and amateurs.

  • Reliable: comfortable, light, sturdy handles made of forged aluminum with a lifetime guarantee* / blade and screw-mounted anvil blade made of high-quality hardened steel / clean, precise cut / all parts can be replaced
  • Efficient: easy, durable cutting adjustment / wire cutting notch / sap groove
  • Ergonomic: hand and wrist protection, and optimization of the force exerted are provided by the revolving handle, the angled head and the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip coating
Felco Vineyard Pruners



Zenport EP3 ePruner 1.5-inch Cut Battery Powered Electric Pruner. Features a powerful 14-hour, 4.4Ah 36V lithium-ion battery. Full battery charge will complete 17,000 continuous pruning cuts. Two push-button cutting capacity settings, .75-inch and maximum 1.5-inches. This pruner is super light weighing in at 1.9-pounds. The razor sharp cutting blade is made of high quality SK5 Japanese steel. Maximum cutting capacity of 1.5-inches. The high quality durable harness makes for comfortable easy handling while in use. Impact resistant carrying case keeps the tool and accessories safe and secure while storing or travelling to the job. Portable maintenance tool box helps keep this electric pruner operating at optimal performance for many years. Includes all cables and charging equipment which is compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets. Zenport 100% USA Based Warranty, Service, Parts and Repairs. USA Warranty: 5-Year Battery, 1-Year Controller/Motor/Transmission.

  • Powerful 14-hour, 4.4Ah 36V lithium-ion battery
  • Full battery charge will complete 17,000 continuous pruning cuts
  • Two push-button cutting capacity settings, .75-inch and maximum 1.5-inches
  • 100% USA Based Warranty, Service, Parts and Repairs
  • Zenport Warranty: 5-Year Battery, 1-Year Controller/Motor/Transmission
Zenport Electric Pruners





Providing a shelter around young grapevines has many advantages. Our coated paper shelter protects vines against small mammals, herbicide drift, wind and weather damage. It can also reduce evapotranspiration, increase growth rate and reduce labor for vine training. Our vine shelters are a good choice for new vineyards and especially for replacement vines in established vineyards.




Designed with over 35 years of experience, the MACX® series of Containers are ideal for harvesting, transportation, and storage of produce and general material handling. MACX® Containers are manufactured using resins and additives that have been fully tested and comply with FDA guidelines for direct food contact.

MACX® containers are built to meet the most rigorous demands in industrial, food processing, and agricultural applications. These high-impact resistant HDPE structural foam, fixed wall containers are rugged and recyclable. They meet USDA/HACCP standards for food handling, and can be steam cleaned. MACX® containers are temperature resistant, UV resistant, and can be stacked up to 10 high*. They also offer compact storage, a versatile runner design, and are available in a variety of colors. For custom sizes and options, please visit our customization page.

Standard Options and Accessories:

  • Colors (may require order minimum)
  • Lids
  • Custom In-Molded Logo
  • Custom Labels
  • RFID Tags
  • Cardholders
  • Drainplugs
  • Bulkheads
  • And More…




In every situation – open field, orchard, vineyard or greenhouse – Irritec has designed the best irrigation system to meet your needs.

  • Nurseries of fruit trees, rooted vines and plants for green areas. Generally suitable for use in specialized horticulture (strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, melons, aubergines, asparagus, seed cultivation, small fruits etc) thanks to its ease of use.
  • With equal spacing, the system gives good evenness of distribution at a moderate installation cost, essentially because the primary lines are made in lay flat hose, and all the fittings in plastic material.
  • Seamless construction is stronger and more durable.
  • P1 is manufactured using the highest quality engineering grade polyethylene resins available in the market today, producing a high strength and abrasion resistant product.
  • P1 is made with injection molded drippers. Molded drippers offer a high degree of plug resistance, lower coefficient of variation, resulting in highly uniform water distribution.
  • Outlet Flap is Standard. Outlet flap protects the emission device. Opens under pressure allowing flow and closes on shut down to reduce root intrusion and soil ingestion. With the flap you can feel confident installing P1 in above or below ground applications.
  • Integrated inlet filters add additional protection against clogging.
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Welcome To Texas Ag Plus!

Texas Ag Plus is a Pierce Center Pivot and Netafim Drip irrigation dealer and we carry a large selection of parts, fittings and supplies for your irrigation needs. We also sell and supply Vineyard Equipment and Tools, Work and Construction Tools and Truck Accessories at our location in Brownfield, Texas. Our team of highly skilled experts can also help you with Pump Replacement and Well Service, Ditching and can also Plant Your Vineyard.