Texas Ag Plus is a Pierce Center Pivot and Netafim Drip irrigation dealer and we carry a large selection of parts, fittings and supplies for your irrigation needs. We also carry Senninger Fittings and Irritec Fittings for subsurface and above ground drip and Franklin Pumps.



For 80 years, Pierce Corporation has brought major advances in irrigation convenience and economy to growers worldwide. Since R. H. Pierce founded the company in 1932, Pierce has continued to build a rich history of commitment to innovation and technology. During that time, Pierce has pioneered and advanced center pivot, linear, micropivot, and control technology. Pierce’s reputation is based on manufacturing well-engineered systems that allow today’s Ag producers to increase yields while conserving the Earth’s resources. Their long history is a tribute to their way of doing business, as well as to each and every grower choosing Pierce Irrigation Systems.

The all new “CIRCLEMASTER CP-600” is the next generation of large scale pivot irrigation. The ultimate goal of today’s Ag producer is to effectively generate greater yields from every acre. To help achieve this, you need the right irrigation system. A system that makes the best use of available resources, as well as offering peak performance in all types of applications and conditions. With 75 years experience, Pierce engineers have the know-how to meet those challenges. The “CP-600” has been designed and field tested for durability and features pace-setting advances available only with Pierce-built systems.

The Pierce “ACREMASTER” Micro Pivot resulted from the realization of the Pierce engineers for the need of a system that can effectively and economically irrigate small to medium sized parcels of land. In a class of it’s own, the “ACREMASTER” pivot is the strong, less expensive irrigating alternative, filling the void between conventional pivots and other forms of irrigation.



In every situation – open field, orchard, vineyard or greenhouse – Irritec has designed the best irrigation system to meet your needs.

    • Nurseries of fruit trees, rooted vines and plants for green areas. Generally suitable for use in specialized horticulture (strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes, melons, aubergines, asparagus, seed cultivation, small fruits etc) thanks to its ease of use.
    • With equal spacing, the system gives good evenness of distribution at a moderate installation cost, essentially because the primary lines are made in lay flat hose, and all the fittings in plastic material.
    • Seamless construction is stronger and more durable.
    • P1 is manufactured using the highest quality engineering grade polyethylene resins available in the market today, producing a high strength and abrasion resistant product.
    • P1 is made with injection molded drippers. Molded drippers offer a high degree of plug resistance, lower coefficient of variation, resulting in highly uniform water distribution.
    • Outlet Flap is Standard. Outlet flap protects the emission device. Opens under pressure allowing flow and closes on shut down to reduce root intrusion and soil ingestion. With the flap you can feel confident installing P1 in above or below ground applications.
    • Integrated inlet filters add additional protection against clogging.

Irri-Gator NPT Pivot Tire



  • Segmented Non-Pneumatic Tire Design (NPT)
  • Configurable Tread Pattern
  • Eliminates Flat Tires
  • Eliminates UV Rot
  • Self-Cleaning Segments
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs



  • 46″ Diameter
  • Outer Diameter – 46″
  • Segment Width – 12″
  • Segment Count – 16
  • Rim OD (nominal) – 38″
  • Bolt Pattern – 8″x8″



Texas Ag Plus carries a large selection of Irrigation Fittings to meet any demand your farm, business or home may need. Our experienced employees can guide you to the right product to fix your issue. If you have a leak, we offer leak repair fitting and carry glue and primer for PVC fittings.

  • Schedule 40 PVC Fittings and Pipe, 1/2″ through 10″ with availabilty of larger
  • PIP subsurface fittings and Pipe 6″ through 12″ – 50lb and 80lb pipe
  • Black steel, galvanized and stainless and 1/4″ through 4″
  • Irritec above ground and subsurface fittings
  • Netafim drip fittings and netafim filters
  • Steel and PVC bolt repair couplers
  • Senninger irrigation products including packages and nozzles
  • Underground wire for irrigation boxes as well as induct poly wire installation
  • Franklin Electric pump motors as well as our own motors from 1/2 hp – 60hp
  • Pumps for house wells, farm wells and business water wells.
  • Solar pumps and packages for off-the-grid applications.

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Texas Ag Plus is a Pierce Center Pivot and Netafim Drip irrigation dealer and we carry a large selection of parts, fittings and supplies for your irrigation needs. We also sell and supply Vineyard Equipment and Tools, Work and Construction Tools and Truck Accessories at our location in Brownfield, Texas. Our team of highly skilled experts can also help you with Pump Replacement and Well Service, Ditching and can also Plant Your Vineyard.